We’re Going to Keep Investing in You!

  1. The money stays in the state and creates a competitive process overseen by an Advisory Board who review the grants
  2. 3 of the Advisory Board members must either have a SCI or be family members of someone with a SCI
  3. The legislation prescribes an 8% threshold for indirect costs. Most big academic institutions in the US have between 50–60% indirect costs
  • Alan Tholkes, whose targeted gift of $15,000 allowed us to bring Jake on board
  • The good folks at the Canadian Spinal Research Organization (CSRO), whose sponsorship of my travel expenses allowed me to make all those legislative trips to the capital in Harrisburg
  • And our Fuel the Journey monthly donors (of all amounts) who kept the gas in our tank
  1. A large, targeted investment (like Alan Tholkes’) to support this coming year’s CAN efforts in Ohio & Wisconsin
  2. A matching or employer-sponsored donation to support one of our on-going initiatives (as CSRO did)
  3. Become a Fuel the Journey monthly donor — or increase your existing monthly investment — to get us further down the road



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Unite 2 Fight Paralysis

Unite 2 Fight Paralysis


Building Advocacy, Empowerment, and Unity Toward Finding Cures for Paralysis