Navigating U2FP’s Science & Advocacy Symposium, Part 2

David Powers (left) talks about his experience with an implanted device during the FES/Stim Participant Panel at our 2019 Symposium in Cleveland.
Susan Harkema, PhD
Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery
Anatomical Sciences & Neurobiology
University of Louisville
Dave Marver, MBA
Grégoire Courtine, PhD
Director, NeuroRestore (EPFL and CHUV)
CSO & Co-Founder, ONWARD
Jocelyne Bloch, MD
Co-Founder, ONWARD
Uzma Samadani, M.D. Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Neurosurgery
University of Minnesota
Keith E. Tansey, MD, PhD, FASNR, FASIA
Senior Scientist, NeuroRobotics Lab
Methodist Rehabilitation Center



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Unite 2 Fight Paralysis

Unite 2 Fight Paralysis


Building Advocacy, Empowerment, and Unity Toward Finding Cures for Paralysis