How Well Do We Understand the Research Pipeline from Discovery to Treatment?

The title of this post (How Well Do We Understand the Research Pipeline from Discovery to Treatment?) is the question we’ve been asking ourselves this year. It’s a broad, thematic question that we wrestle with in our daily efforts to expedite curative interventions for paralysis. And so it makes sense for it to be the central question we’ve organized this year’s Working 2 Walk Science & Advocacy Symposium around.

Specifically, we have designed this year’s agenda with this question at the forefront of our minds. Why? Because — especially for the SCI Community — it helps us clarify where to place our advocacy efforts and resources.

Whether you come to Working 2 Walk or not — and we definitely want you there — we think that contemplating this translation wheel (which illustrates the phases of discovery to treatment) is an important exercise, especially for those of us in the SCI Community.

(source: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness)

As you study the graphic, ask yourself the following questions:

This is our Context Strategy Voice approach in practice. We (both the SCI Community & the Research Community) need to understand where the science is and where it’s going so that we can strategically invest our advocacy efforts and effectively increase our voice.

We are foregoing our typical breakout sessions at Working 2 Walk this year by replacing it with a Cure Advocacy Network panel discussion about our state initiatives to pass SCI Research Funding Bills with advocates from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The panel will talk about their experiences talking with legislators, learning about the process for passing legislation and generating attention from within their local communities … and what’s next.

We have also organized a panel discussion as a follow up to the National Institutes of Health’s SCI 2020 (A Decade of Disruption) meeting. The panel will consist of stakeholder representatives directly involved in the effort to find curative treatments for Spinal Cord Injury: researcher, clinician, industry, SCI community, and funding. The discussion will be an exploration of three things:

You won’t want to miss Working 2 Walk 2019 — we’re looking forward to an informative, dynamic and rejuvenating gathering of the scientific and SCI Communities. Don’t wait, register now to secure your spot and maximize your savings!

  • Register Now! Register before August 30th to take advantage of our Early Bird Rates and save nearly 30%. Students and individuals with an SCI receive an additional 50% off!
  • Agenda Available Now. Click over to our Speakers & Agenda page, and you’ll find our full Schedule of Events listed below our Speaker line-up.
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Online registration closes Monday, September 30

We want every voice from every facet of the SCI landscape to participate with us. Don’t miss out on Working 2 Walk in Cleveland this year. It’s a great opportunity to participate in the movement to cure paralysis!

Join us,

Matthew Rodreick, Executive Director

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