Clinical Research Video now available — Working 2 Walk 2020

by Matthew Rodreick — Executive Director, U2FP

As promised, we’ve just made public the first of six video segments from our Working 2 Walk Virtual Symposium this past October.

If you weren’t able to join us then, you can now watch the Clinical Research portion of the symposium here on our video library page (or here on our YouTube channel).

You may remember that this year’s symposium was broken into five key stakeholder sessions:

  • Clinical Research: research performed with humans
  • Pre-Clinical Research: research done in laboratory experiments and animal models
  • Industry / Biotech: companies that are trying to bring a research discovery to a clinical product
  • Funding Agencies & Organizations: agencies or foundations that fund research of all kinds
  • SCI Community Advocacy and Activism

The Clinical Research Session was our opening segment of the conference, which included presentations and a panel discussion with the following individuals:

These presentations are followed by a panel discussion, moderated by U2FP Board Member Christel Mitrovitch (who is also the Operations Director for Reneu Health, an Activity Based Exercise center in Southern California).

The segment ends with a short presentation by the phenomenal painter Richard Bell, along with a subsequent live interview he did with filmmaker Kelsey Peterson.

This “Artist Interlude” (as we called them) was part of a new effort we pioneered this year to bring artists into the conversation. can remind each other. The driving purpose was to more deeply connect the science of SCI Research with the soul of the SCI Community. It got great reviews from our attendees — we think you’ll love it too!

We at U2FP are proud to make these videos available to the public for free. We also provide free access to all of our past symposiums, which total over 50 hours of presentations from a decade of recorded talks (you can scroll down on our Video Library page to access these). This ongoing service is made possible by the generous support of our donors and symposium sponsors.

If you value these and other resources U2FP makes available to the SCI and Scientific Communities, consider making a donation in support of our work.

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